2012 Reorient Festival, 2012

Lena Hart is especially delightful as the sultry wife, playfully manipulating both of them with palpable delight.”

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Of Mice and Men, April 2012

Lena Hart’s subtly nuanced portrait of Curley’s unhappy new wife, as almost as dreamy an innocent outsider as Lennie, deepens the impact of their final fatal scene.”

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Chess, 2011

Hart manages the highly challenging part with power and effectively subtle emotion. She has a whole lot of singing to do, and a voice that handles it all with little hint of strain.”‘chess-the-musical’-to-life/

“The Willows production has an excellent cast who delivers a very exciting production…The lead performers are very good with the voices of Lena Hart (Florence) and Rebecca Pingree (Svetlana) providing the most exciting performances.”

King John, 2010

“The performances are all quite good. Lena Hart, as the innocent pawn Blanche who is married off to the Dauphin of France for political positioning, is very interesting to watch, and takes a role that could easily have been lost in the shuffle and creates something pretty outstanding.”

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Guys and Dolls, 2008

“Seeing Alan Rickman on stage years ago, I was struck by the fact that not one person in the audience seemed able to take their eyes off him, this despite the cast including at least one other actor of equal fame. Here and there, Lena Hart as Sarah Brown gives us flashes of this kind of star quality. Her infectious loveliness is most apparent in the Cuban scenes (realized so wonderfully, by the way, that even the stage hands get a spontaneous round of applause), where her giddy spin from religious zeal into drunken euphoria is a remarkable, pitch-perfect delight.”

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